01The Rockstar of Science

the rockstar of science

Chip Yates: The Rockstar of Science.

Chip Yates is one of the world’s most recognized green technology innovators and has set 18 World Records in electric vehicles of his own design. Recently nicknamed "The Rockstar of Science" by an inspired audience after witnessing his electrified speech, Yates has an endless supply of up-to-the-minute stories to share from his inspiring ongoing World Record activities.

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Rockstar of Science
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02 All-American Role Model

All-American Role Model

Capturing Imaginations Everywhere.

The inspirational story of Chip Yates’ hard-fought triumph over technical adversity is a refreshing alternative to traditional Hollywood and sports celebrity role models and embodies the often overlooked value of hard work in pursuit of the American dream.

03 Pushing Limits

Pushing Limits

Facing the Challenges of the Unknown.

Chip Yates has been named “Pioneer of Aviation” by the State of California and “World’s Most Wired” by Wired Magazine for his high-risk achievements in areas of unproven science. He was the first human in history to break the 200 MPH barrier in a plane powered solely by batteries and embraces risk as a necessary component of innovation.

04Hands-On Innovation.

Hands-On Innovation

Inventor, Engineer, Builder, Rider, Pilot.

Chip Yates grew up taking things apart to see how they work and how they could be improved. He is a trained machinist and actually hand builds much of his world-record-setting vehicles himself. At age 36, he learned to race motorcycles at the world championship level and recently became the test pilot of his own electric airplane.

05Special Events

Special Events

World’s Fastest Electric Plane.

Chip Yates has delighted spectators around the country with 220 MPH low passes and eye-popping maneuvers to showcase his team’s achievements in creating an electric airplane that is faster in top speed and climb rate than any gasoline piston single-engine airplane in the world. He recently set two Guinness World Records in front of a California airshow crowd of 100,000 people.

06Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

Electricity! from TV to TED Talks.

Chip Yates is an internationally recognized speaker and TV host having recently given an inspiriting Tedx Talk entitled “Risk is the Currency of Innovation.” He has been a keynote speaker for NASA, The Charles Lindbergh Foundation, EAA® AirVenture™, the Café Foundation, numerous conferences and corporations, and is the first ever National Spokesman for the Conrad Foundation's Spirit of Innovation Challenge.

07Inspiring Our Students

Inspiring Our Students

National STEM Tour.

The positive and inspirational messages of Chip Yates’ adventurous life have reached thousands of students – from kindergarten through high school and undergraduate through post-graduate — all across America. He delights audiences with his animated storytelling style and cutting-edge images and videos, often taken fresh from his most recent engineering and world-record-setting activities.

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